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The story…

Begins with “Lola, the Salty Dog".” My Terrier - Schnauzer - goof - ball of a dog. She was my running partner, my hiking pal and my friend and constant companion. We adopted Lola when she was 3 months and my son was 2 years old. She was with us for thirteen years and was a constant joy, a defender of the garden from squirrels and my best friend in the way that only pets can be. Her pack was large; many loved and knew her and she escaped from the yard often enough that even folks we didn’t know knew her from her solitary escapades to the nearby dog park.

When I had to decide on a name, it seemed fitting that I name my yarn for her. For all the times she curled contently at my side while I worked with my yarn and often reached out, to comfort and be comforted by my friend.

Salty Dog Fibers is a tribute to her.