I have been teaching and leading the vision of the Photography program at Portland Community College's Sylvania Campus in SW Portland since 2005.  As a community college, we teach the foundation of Photography in a two-year comprehensive program which includes darkroom, digital and hybrid practices as well as portfolio and professional development.  Many of my students transfer to four-year degree institutions with a concentration in Art, some use Photography as an artistic outlet or as a way to enrich and add balance to their lives while they complete one of the technical two-year degree programs that PCC offers. All of my students learn how to work their cameras, to understand how to read the photographic images they encounter on a daily basis, and how to communicate more clearly thorough the visual image. To see a video produced and directed by a shared PCC Photography and PCC Multimedia student, go HERE

In my teaching philosophy I believe that mistakes are important. That photography is a language that can be built upon and refined and in the tremendous potential for transformation, inspiration and change that lies in the photographic image.